After relocating to North Carolina, Dale Anthony Girard, a senior member of the United Stuntman’s Association (USA) for over ten years, realized that there was not a similar organization serving to network stunt professionals to the south-east's filmmaking industry. Further, that many of the films and television projects being shot in the region were unduly burdened with the cost of bringing their stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, burn specialists, stunt drivers, aerial specialists, stunt performers and martial artists from Hollywood, New Orleans or New York City. Having worked with the Pacific Northwest's USA, and before that the mid-west's FX West and Physical Effects Group, he knew that quality local talent was a saving grace to filmmakers working on location.

Forming a partnership with Richard Ryan, another NC based stunt professional with the same vision for stunt performers in NC, Dale and Richard worked together developing a team of seasoned professionals and new, innovative coordinators, choreographers and performers. This elite team became North Carolina Stuntmen's Association (NCSA). Mixing the old with the new, NCSA is dedicated to offering high quality stunts, effects and action sequences that meet the professional, dynamic, artistic and budgetary demands of the most discerning directors and producers. From the very beginning of its inception, NCSA has worked to develop a reputation for providing high quality film action. If someone wants the best of the south-east, a team with a safety record second to none, with innovative professionals who can push the envelope, eliminate limitations, and provide fights, falls and fire that are as spectacular as any Hollywood stunt team— they can look no further than North Carolina and the North Carolina Stuntmen's Association.

While remaining a small, fraternal organization, to meet the ever changing and constantly growing demands of the film industry, NCSA continues to develop working relationships with other such organizations to be sure that the needs of any production are served by the most qualified professionals and will deliver the highest level of production value, stunts and action sequences. All this was, and continues to be, delivered with the assurance that the stunts are safe, completed on time, and on budget..